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SKM100GAL123D ST183S02PFK0 STT026M14M T700183504BY TT46N1000KOC
SKN135F12 ST183S08PFL0 STT026M16M T700203003BY TT46N12LOF
SKN135F12R ST230C02COL STT041M06M T700223504BY TT46N1400KOC
SKN141F15 ST230C10C STT041M08M T707083074BY TT46N1600KOC
SKN3F20/12 ST230C12C0 STT041M12M T709N24TOF TT56N1400KOC
SKN4M600/24 ST230C12CO STT056M12M T719N1400 TT60N1600KOF
SKN60F17 ST230C14C0 STT056M14M T719N1400TOC TT61N16KOF
SKN70/08 UNF ST230C16C STT056M16M T7200835 TT64N1200KOC
SKR240/16 ST230S10P STT071M12M T720125504DN TT80N1200KOC
SKR60F17 ST230S14P0 STT071M14M T72H144544DN TT92N14K0F
SKR70/80 ST230S14PO STT071M16M T72H144544DPC14D TT93N14K0F
SKT1200/16E ST23C12C0 STT09/16 T7801034400 TT95N1400KOF-10A2
SKT160/12C ST280S06P0V STT091/12 T780103504BY U2T201
SKT300/12C ST280S06POV STT091M12M T780123504BY UKSC37793A00
SKT340/18E ST300C18C0 STT091M14M T780143504BY V275LA20A
SKT520/24E ST300C20C STT091M16M T780153503BY VB1-13.8-500
SKT55/06C ST300C20C0 STT132M14M T780183504BY VE0036
SLJZ705 (-) ST300C22C STT132M16M T7S0126504DN VE0039
SLJZ705 (+) ST300S12P STT162M12M T7S0136504 VE0174
SM08CXC220 ST300S18P0 STT162M14M T7S0165504DN VMI100SG
SM13CXC174 ST300S20FO STT162M16M T7S01765 VTMLPC-1
SM16CXC190 ST300S20P0 STT170M12M T7S0187504DN VUO50-16N03
SM18CXC176 ST300S20PO STT170M14M T7S0187504JB W4D80PM
SM18CXC924 ST303C12CFK0 STT170M18M T7S0225504DN W4DC55PBX31
SM20CXC174 ST303C12LFK0 STT230M16M T7SH124064DG WG10020S
SM20CXC224 ST303C12LFKO STT250M12M T82F147553DN WG14017
SM20PHN174 ST303S05PCL STT250M14M T90012KOF WG2000EX22
SM25CXC144 ST303S05PFL0 STT250M16M T90RIA120 WG20018SP
SM25CXC334 ST303S06PFLO STT250M16M(S) T90RIA60 WG20025SM
SM25CXC524 ST303S12PFK0 STT250M18M T9G0081003DH WG30025SN
SM25CXC525 ST330C06C STT41/12 T9G0121203DE WG5020R
SM25CXC924 ST330C08C STT91/14 T9G0141003DH WG6012
SPJ-6B450 ST330C08L0 SW04CXC14ZSP T9G0141203HM WG6012G3C
SS0430-1 ST330C08LO SW28CXC12C T9G0161003KL58 WG6013/ZA
SS0430-2 ST330C10C T1099N1600TOF T9G0161203 WG6017/2B
SSi P67135 ST330C12C T110HF120 T9G0161203DH WG6018
SSI R671101D ST330C12C0 T1209N1600TOF T9G0180803DH WG6018G32
SSIL2E1112DB250 ST330C12L0 T159N1500BOF41-1N7 T9G0181003DH WG9013
SSIL3E ST330C14L0 T159N1600BOF T9G0221003DH WG9013A3A
ST051S10P ST330C16C T1601N30TOF T9G0231203DH WG9014
ST080S06P0 ST330C16C0 T1601N32TOF T9G0240803DH X329F-33
ST080S12P ST330C16L T209F1200EEC T9GH050963DH1 XL_CCO-CC
ST080S16P0 ST330C16L0 T298N1000TOC T9GH160812DH00AS14 XL3CCO-CK
ST083C08CFK ST330C16LO T351X44 T9GH160932DHA14-H XL4CCO-CK
ST083S04PFM0 ST330C18C T408F10TSC T9K7360802DH YS130101P16C
ST083S06PFN0 ST330L12L T481S18T2N TA20021803DH YS130101P18C
ST083S08PFN2 ST330S06P0 T500084004AQ TA20161800DH YS130101UHP18C
ST083S08PFNO ST330S08P T500128007AB TA20161803DH YS130103P12C
ST083S12PFK0 ST330S12F0 T500148004AQ TA20181803H YS130103P8C
ST110C08C ST330S12FO T500148005AQ TA20301203DH YS130201P18
ST110C10C ST330S12M T500168004AQ TA329-12 YS13101UH P18C
ST110S12P0 ST330S12P T507048074AQA14 TD121N1600/2500 YS150103-BP18
ST110S12P0V ST330S12P0 T507088084ABA14 TD131N1400/2000 YS150103P18
ST110S16P ST330S14P0 T507128064AQA14 TD170N1400/2000 YS150104BD
ST1200C14K0 ST330S16M T520101304DN TD210N1400/2000KOC YS150105P12C
ST1200C20K ST330S16P0 T588N1200TOC TD250N12KOF YS150105P8C
ST173C12CFKO ST330S20P T60010150 TD251N1400/2000KOC YS160101AH
ST180C06C0 ST330S22P0 T60010150-4BT TD425N16K0F YS170101AF
ST180C08C ST333C08LFL0 T600101804CW TD46N1400KOC YS170101BF
ST180C08L0 ST333S08PFL0 T6001215-57-2 TD46N1600KOC YS170101P18C
ST180C12C ST700C12 T6001215-57-2095 TD60N1200KOF YS180101-AF P20C
ST180C12C0 ST700C16L0 T6001418 TD75N1400/2000 YS180101P18
ST180C12CO ST700C20 T600171804BT TIP131 YS180103
ST180C14C ST700C24L0 T60071804BY TMD60/40 YS230102AEP18
ST180C16C ST730C12L0 T6070082874BTA14 TR49TR1 YS230102AEP18-1
ST180C18C ST730C16L0 T607021874BTA14 TR49TR2 YS230103P14
ST180C20C ST730C18L0 T607082874BTA14 TR49TR3 YS250104P22
ST180S04P Stand-offs T6201030 TT121N1200KOC YSD2-11P14K38
ST180S06P STD056M14M T6201213004DN TT121N1400KOC YSD2-12P14K41
ST180S08P0 STD056M16M T620123004DN TT131N1200 YSD3-02P18
ST180S12P STD091M14M T620163004DN TT142N12KOF16KN YST14-01P18
ST180S12P0V STD131M16D25M T6A100 TT142N1400KOF YST14-22P26
ST180S14P0 STD180M14D20M T700063503BY TT162N1200KOF YST2-03
ST180S16 STD210M14D20M T700083503BY TT162N1600KOF YST35-01P18
ST180S16M0 STR16S12M T700123504BY TT170N1200KOC YST35-22
ST180S16MO STR25S12P T7001430 TT170N1200KOF YST6-01
ST180S16P0 STR25S16P T7001435 TT170N1800KOF YST6-41-P18
ST180S20P0 STR50S06P T700143504BY TT210N1200KOC Z1000-20
ST183C06CFK STR50S10P T700153503BY TT250N1600 Z100SG
ST183C06CFN0 STR50S12P T70016 TT251N1200KOC Z2000-16ST
ST183C08CF0 STR50S16P T700163504BY TT251N1800KOC Z330026
ST183C08CFN0 STT026/14 T700173504BY TT45N1600KOF Z79464

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