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LPC Rotating Rectifier ModuleOld Style Rotating Rectifier Module  LPC Rotating Rectifier Module
Low overall cost per module.  

Higher rated and less expensive diodes.

Replaceable snubber capacitors.  

Superior mechanical strength

Weight balanced to +/- 0.035 oz (1 gram)  

Several different types available


Old Rectifier Module vs. New Rectifier Module

Old Rectifier Module

LPC Rectifier Module

Old technology diodes

New technology diodes, higher rated

Base block is the snubber capacitor.

Not replaceable.

Replaceable snubber capacitor(s)

Weak bus bars (see picture above)

Stronger bus bars

10-32 screws for stand-offs

- 28 screws for stand-offs

G11 isolation material in stand-offs

G10 isolation material in stand-offs (better specifications than G11)

Modules delivered with different weights. Balancing required after installation.

All modules balanced from factory at +/- 1 g

Modules can not be made lighter.

Can be made same weight as original, or lighter if required.

Old type wrapping material on long bus bar.

High voltage isolation material covered with anti-abrasion weave on long bus bar.


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